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UPCOMING EVENTS: Trivia Night Nov 8, 2014
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Upcoming Events


Nov 8, 2014
St Martin of Tours
610 West Ripa Ave
St Louis, MO 63125

Doors open 6pm, Game starts 7pm
Tables up to 8 people. $20/person

Free Beer & Soda!!
Mulligans, 50/50 drawings, raffle baskets. gift shop items for sale.
Bring an item from our wish list and receive a free ticket to a special drawing.
For every item you bring in you get one ticket. The more you bring the better your chances are to win!!

Click here for printable flyer.


Dreams Do Come True!

What a year we have had for making our dreams come true! We hired our first ever paid staff person and installed both a new door and a drain system in our transition area. Our new clinic manager, has helped the clinic prevent wasteful habits and save money by being aware of things that need maintenance or repairs before they break down, by helping to organize fundraising events and by greatly improving morale of the volunteers.
Due to a very generous donation about 5 years ago, we were able to add an open air “transition area” onto our facility. This is where we house the animals getting ready for release. The enclosed transition area gives the wildlife a chance to acclimate to the weather before being released. It has been our dream ever since we built the transition area to have a drain in the floor and a door going directly into that area from the inside of the building.
Thanks to a very dear and generous supporter of the WRC, Sally McCarthy, our volunteers no longer have to carry heavy, 5 gallon buckets of dirty water from the transition caging area all the way outside, across the driveway, and to our back lawn. This new drain system runs along the entire length of the transition area, and now the buckets of water can be dumped right in the drain. This drain will also enable us to easily powerwash and scrub the walls and floor!
A big thank you to one of our volunteers and her husband, Susie & Dave. They graciously donated the materials and their time to install the door leading to the transition area. Now our volunteers can now go directly from the nursery area to the transition area and never have to set foot outside!
So with all this, what do our future dreams look like? We are in desperate need of a new roof and heating and cooling unit. We have many leaks and maintain a variety of buckets inside the building to catch the rainwater. Because of the leaks, many of our ceiling tiles are rotten and the insulation in the ceiling is getting wet. Our heating & cooling unit is nearing the end of it’s life. Since last summer, the unit has caused us nothing but grief and it has been a struggle to afford maintenance and repairs.
We do not currently have the funds for either of these large projects. The estimated cost for a new heating and cooling unit along with a new roof will run over $40,000. It will take us several years to raise enough funds to get the job done which is why we are dreaming of someone to help us with our projects. Any donation of money, labor or parts—large or small—would help make our new dreams come true.
Here’s to looking towards the future and working for our new dreams to come true!

To donate to our Furnace Fund, click here to make a donation thru Paypal.

Or mail a check to:

Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic
1864 Little Brennan Rd
High Ridge, MO 63049
Write "Furnace Fund" in the memo of you check.

As always, all your donations are tax deductible. And THANK YOU for your support.


Thank You Local Businesses!

Click Here for a list of our Business Sponsers. We thank you so much for your support and donations for our fund-raising events!


Commemorative Bricks

We have set aside multiple areas for a commemorative pathway.  If you would like to purchase a brick to be engraved with your personal message, i.e. birthday, wedding date, passing of a loved one, etc., click on one of the order forms below. 

The 4x8 commemorative brick costs $100, of which $81 is tax deductible.

4x8 Commemorative Brick Order Form

The 8x8 commemorative brick costs $150, of which $120 is tax deductible.

8x8 Commemorative Brick Order Form


What if I find...
complete listing

PLEASE: KEEP BABY ANIMAL WARM!! IF POSSIBLE place in shoebox with a cloth or rag

Baby Squirrels

Mother squirrels are very dedicated and will try to retrieve their babies if separated from them...
Read more

Baby Raccoons

Do NOT let children or pets touch baby raccoons. Keep them warm and call us...
(636) 677-3670
Read More

Baby Opossums

Since opossums do not have nests or dens, the babies travel with the mom until they are able to live on their own.  If a single opossum is found with no mother around...
Read More

Baby Bunnies

Bunnies are the babies most often unintentionally kidnapped by well-meaning people.  Rabbit nests are left unguarded most of the time, with the mother on the nest only twice a day for feeding...
Read More

These 2 bunnies may look small, but they are old enough to live on their own.
DO NOT try to catch bunnies of this size. Leave them alone! They will be just fine.

Baby Skunks

Mother skunks usually create a den under a porch, driveway, deck, or underground. The mother will venture out each evening to find food for herself...
Read More





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WRC Videos on YouTube

Arnie the Armadillo eating his dinner. Arnie was hit by a car and brought to our clinic.

Wildlife Clinic Slideshow
"Wild Again"

Baby Badger - "Digger", about 5 weeks old - Was orphaned & injured

Digger's Release

Release of 3 Raccoons that were orphaned and then raised by us.

Baby Groundhog - "Sophie", orphaned & raised by us.

3 coyote orphaned coyote pups raised by us and released.

View More Videos on Our YouTube Channel

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The Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic is an all volunteer, non-profit 501(c)3 organization which specializes in the rehabilitation of native Missouri mammals and is licensed by the Missouri Department of Conservation.